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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a buzzword that can be simply summed up as extracting, organizing and analyzing data in a structured way that gives any organization the information to make more informed business decisions. ITCube Solutions has been developing BI Solutions for many years - taking data that exists in disparate systems in a variety of different formats, cleansing it, transforming it, centralizing it and developing the tools to turn it into meaningful information.

Microsoft Business Intelligence specialists

We specialize in the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. Projects can include: Data Warehousing projects with SQL Server 2012, including Business Data Warehouse Appliance, Fast Track or Parallel Data Warehouse implementations; data management projects with Master Data Services; Self Service BI rollouts including Business Decision Appliance implementations, SharePoint, Excel 2010 and PowerPivot and Reporting and Visualization solutions with SharePoint, Office and SQL Server reporting tools.

Data Warehousing and Data Marts

A central repository for high quality corporate (data warehouse) or departmental (data mart) data will give you an accurate view of the information it represents and form the basis of much of your critical management information. We deliver high quality, agile data warehouses, with rapid deployment using the very latest in data warehouse best practice and our data integration accelerators. We also use appliance-based solutions for a lower TCO.

Self Service BI

Typically, businesses change more rapidly than the business processes and systems that underpin them can adapt. As a result information can be locked away within the fabric of the business preventing important insight and decisions from being made. Self service BI provides a key to unlocking the real potential of your business information by giving the decision makers themselves the means to extract, transform, analyze and create rich information systems that support informed decision making.

Find out more Reporting and Visualization

Being able to report on a consolidated and reliable overview of your business will increase the reach of business intelligence. With our skills in report and dashboard design, we can deliver professional-looking reports and interactive dashboards, and deploy them enterprise-wide with minimal effort. Find out more Could you be using existing assets? One of the great benefits of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools is that you can often extract value from existing systems with a relatively small incremental investment. With BI features built in to the latest versions of SQL Server, SharePoint and Microsoft Office, you may well have a lot of BI firepower in applications that you already own - applications that are already familiar to your people. Our technical consultants will help you understand how you could use existing assets and identify the most appropriate solution to your information requirements - based on your existing systems, data distribution, priorities and deadlines. To find out more about our approach to business intelligence solutions, please contact us today!

Data Warehousing

Whether it's a departmental data mart, or an enterprise scale corporate data warehouse, ensuring accurate data is available to the right people at the right time is critical to successful decision making. We have been building enterprise-class SQL Server data warehouses, combining terabytes of data from multiple sources. We have developed our own architecture, best practices and frameworks to speed up the design, build and data loading process. This includes SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) that accelerates extract, transform and load (ETL) build for a faster time to market.

SQL Server 2012

In our view, SQL Server 2012 gives you a number of benefits that make your enterprise-class data warehouse quicker to build, more scalable, easier to manage and able to faster deliver deep analytical capabilities.

SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse

We are increasingly using Fast Track reference architectures on data warehouse projects to deliver blistering warehouse performance quickly, while you enjoy a lower cost of ownership. Creating a new warehouse or migrating an existing warehouse investment will provide a scalable, flexible warehouse infrastructure from which to build an enterprise-class business intelligence capability. Find out more SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse is a new product release from Microsoft that lets enterprise customers scale up into deployments analyzing hundreds of terabytes of data. The appliance delivers performance at low cost through massively parallel processing (MPP) on industry standard hardware. As leaders in the SQL Server community, we have invested a lot of time in getting up to speed with PDW so that we can also offer this solution to customers who are looking for both performance and scale. Being able to report on a consolidated and reliable overview of your business will increase the reach of business intelligence. With our skills in report and dashboard design, we can deliver professional-looking reports and interactive dashboards, and deploy them enterprise-wide with minimal effort. Feature-rich and easy-to-use interfaces will give users new insight into your data and you will discover intelligent new tactics for aligning people, processes, and information.

What are the benefits?

Greater efficiency: Minimize the burden of consolidating multiple reports and correcting inconsistencies and errors introduced by manual consolidation
Higher employee satisfaction: Meet the demand for immediate delivery of crucial information with meaningful data formatted for maximum impact
Powerful collaboration: Supply the best lens for viewing the impact of decisions beyond the confines of organizational boundaries, as well as tools to engage other stakeholders in the decision-making process
Better business insight: Give employees access to all relevant information, and transform data exploration from a mundane task to an engaging experience that can inspire creative thinking
We employ design skills to create reports and dashboards that communicate clearly, rapidly and compellingly.
Our reporting solutions will: Provide viewers with the information they need quickly and clearly Apply what we know about visual perception to the presentation of information Minimize distractions, clich�s and unnecessary embellishments that create confusion Organize business information to support meaning and usability Create an aesthetically pleasing viewing experience Maintain consistency of design to provide accurate interpretation.